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Welcome to the wonderful world of short teeth, I hope you will enjoy your stay, and take advantage of many of my "fine" products.

Have your teeth been putting you down?
An easy way to tell if your teeth are stoping you from doing all the things you want to in life; are:-

1. They are not grownin to their full length.
2. They beat up people as you walk past them.
3. They like to spit at others without warning.
4. They like to smoke.
5. When your asleep they go out at night and seem to come bak in the morning with several other littler teeth.

How can this be helped?!!
I hear you cry out load when you find have over 170 teeth in your mouth. Well i'm here to help (yeh right). I have a product that will help you, it streches teeth, fights decay, and breaks any objects in it's path, intreeged?

Want to learn more, just 'click here', or maybe you would like to look at more idea's, mine and others warped minds have come up with.

ALSO if this is your first time here i strongly recommend you visit the 'ABOUT US' section, as you must know somethings up.

Your Manager


P.S It is probably best that you visit the others page as this is where you can find other stuff instead of just about shorteeth (more intresting stuff), and news to find out whats new.

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